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artist. christopher cerrone.
title. five days.
catalogue no. PPR6.
format. cd / digital
release date. 10.04.21.

"Den råa och oborstade klangen präglar i högsta grad Christopher Cerrones album...Klangerna andas en direkthet, oavsett om det rör sig om vindens lek i klockor eller atmosfäriska pianoimprovisationer med överliggande klanger. Det finns något slyngelaktigt "casual" över hela produktionen samtidigt som det uppstår en märklig vardagspoesi i mötet mellan det ögonblickliga och strukturen." (Andreas Engström, Nutida Musik 3/2010) 

About the record:

Christopher Cerrone's 'Five Days' is a melancholic exploration of every day sounds (where sometimes musical instruments are treated as 'found' sounds). At times ambient, other times insistent, the record forms an arc of snapshots, a suspended, static document of five days in the composer's life in the studio.

Chris about the record:

Five Days is the result of spurts of intense creativity that I had while working on my opera Invisible Cities. Composing a long dramatic work for several years led me to have the desire to create works of spontenaeity. Hence the title. Each of these pieces was more or less conceived of, composed, and recorded in a day. (Of course, mixing, rewriting, and mastering took much longer). But for a composer who tends to mull over works for long periods of time, composing these brief electronic pieces was both liberating, and in many ways, a breakthrough.


(1) flence 3:55
(2) cornkind 4:47
(3) piediemano 4:59
(4) music for chameleons 2:38
(5) still life with arms extended 4:02

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