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artist. boréal.
title. flora can't see, hear or speak but she can feel.
catalogue no. PPR9.
format. cd
release date. 11.04.10.

Boréal says about the release:

Swedish/French contemporary quartet Boréal has collaborated with Swedish designers Anton Alvarez and Erik Olovsson to create a groundbreaking synthesis between sound and form. Alvarez and Olovsson have made a machine that uses a speaker membrane with a pencil attached to it by the means of a thread that translates the sound vibrations of Boréal to paintings. In this way, the paintings constitute a parallel to the origin of the music. The collaboration has been documented in the box Boréal: "Flora can't see, hear or speak but she can feel." This box contains Boréal's album "Flora can't see, hear or speak but she can feel," nine paintings – one for each track on the album, one poster with all of the nine paintings, one picture of the machine, and two sheets with tracklisting and information on Boréal and Alvarez and Olovsson respectively. The boxes are handmade, numbered and limited to 100 copies.

> download free mp3 of "Cloud Bodies Part 1"

Boréal is:
Andreas Hiroui Larsson - Drums & Percussions
Johan Jutterström - Saxophones
Simon Drappier - Double bass
Linda Oláh - Voice

Anton Alvarez - Designer
Erik Olovsson - Designer

> price €35 + shipping. email pink pamphlet to order.

© (p) boréal, alvarez, olovsoon & pink pamphlet 2011, stockholm, sweden.