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(the download store is now closed)

there are still a few copies left of select titles.
email us and tell us what you want. hopefully we still have it. most CDs are 50 SEK / 5 euro + shipping, except for the boréal box which is 350 SEK/35 euro.

artist title   cat. digital cd
boréal flora can't see, hear or speak but she can feel   PPR9   €35 email
magnus bunnskog i like music (ep)   PPR5 digital €5 email
    singing åke 4:41      
    massa I 4:22      
    grandmère concrète 6:57      
    grandmère modulaire 5:20      
    massa II 4:43      
    i like music 5:00      
christopher cerrone five days (ep)   PPR6 digital €5 email
    flence 3:55      
    cornkind 4:47      
    piediemano 4:59      
    music for chameleons 2:38      
    still life with arms extended 4:02      
adrian knight ricky bruch album (lp)   PPR1 digital sold out
    ricky bruch 8:30      
    daedaldualism 11:30      
    unruhe 29:34      
    twinkle-twinkle 11:30      
    metahymn 12:00      
adrian knight världens undergång (ep)   PPR2 digital sold out
    cabrini-green 11:08      
    världens undergång 25:39      
adrian knight pink pamphlet 2 (single)   PPR7 digital  
sebastian lakatos utposter ep (ep)   PPR3 digital €5 email
    utposter SHG 9:34      
    utposM 3:45      
    utvikning 7:56      
victor lisinski indentations live (ep)   PPR4 digital €5 email
    I 9:28      
    II 11:02      
    III 7:00      
    IV 8:08      



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